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Xchange Medical—Winner of a Local TOBY Award

April 04, 2024




Davis is proud to announce Xchange Medical, located in St. Louis Park, has won the 2024 BOMA Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY®) Award in the local Medical category. The TOBY® Award is the most prestigious and comprehensive program in the commercial real estate industry, recognizing excellence in commercial building management and operations.

Submitting a TOBY® award is no easy feat. With three levels–local, regional, and international–each award attained paves the way for submission at the next level of competition. At the local level, the submission process requires a significant investment in time, including a 90-minute project tour to a group of esteemed TOBY® judges. To support our chances at the regional level, we sought validation through The BOMA 360 Performance Program. This rigorous evaluation scrutinizes buildings across six critical domains, designating buildings that achieve operational excellence while providing tangible benefits to occupants.

Setting the standard for Medical Facility Management

Owned and managed by Davis, the 78,000 SF Class A medical facility is recognized as a BOMA 360 Performance building. Located directly adjacent to I-394 in the heart of St. Louis Park, Xchange Medical spans a 4.6-acre site and is home to multiple medical office tenants including OVO Lasik + Lens, ENT Specialty Care, Surgical Specialty Center of Minnesota, and Retina Minnesota/Vitreoretinal Surgery. With critical operations taking place within its walls, the operations and management strategy was driven by the specialized services provided within. From HVAC and mechanical systems capable of maintaining 24/7 positive pressure, robust and dynamic layers of security, to the building’s interior daylighting every aspect of the property is carefully considered to create an optimal environment for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Commitment to Sustainability, Health and Wellnesss, Training and Compliance

Various energy-efficient features have been integrated into the facility, including solar-powered exterior lighting, hot water heat curtains, and optimized boiler temperatures to reduce energy consumption all with a focus on maintaining patient safety and comfort. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives don’t stop there—they go well beyond mere functionality with the incorporation of an expansive two-story living wall, energy efficient LED lighting, natural and local materials, electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations, bicycle racks, a staff picnic area, rooftop patio, and healing garden with on-site honey producing beehives. Together these unique features create a holistic environment conducive to meeting today’s wellness standards. With the facility conveniently situated along a bus line Davis leveraged this opportunity to increase accessibility through the installation of a bus shelter to further promote sustainable travel while fostering a safe place for riders to wait.

Additionally, Davis’s commitment to training and compliance sets a benchmark in the industry, evident through the array of rigorous training programs maintained by staff overseeing operations within Xchange Medical. From janitorial staff to building engineers, every individual responsible for facility operations has undergone comprehensive training in specialized areas, like biohazard and chemical disposal, to ensure safety and compliance. As a surgery center, the scrutiny is heightened, with frequent inspections of critical systems and an elevated level of compliance oversight. This dedication to operational integrity and compliance not only meets the stringent requirements of regulatory bodies but also fulfills the expectations of healthcare providers and patients alike.

Expertise that Supports the Future of Healthcare

Looking ahead, the ever-evolving landscape of emerging technologies, shifting healthcare policies, and enduring challenges drives transformation in healthcare property management. The Davis property management team offers distinctive expertise to influence patient outcomes within this complex ecosystem. By strategically prioritizing continuous improvement and regulatory compliance alongside the safety, satisfaction, and well-being of providers, patients, and community members, the Davis team stands poised to enhance facility success well into the future.

An Exceptional Management Team: The success of Xchange Medical can be attributed to the meticulous management and operational strategies implemented by Davis, in collaboration with our partners in preventative maintenance, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services from United Operations and Gilbert Mechanical. Behind this achievement lies a dedicated and skilled team, including Peggy Schatz, Alicia Schaeffer, and Melissa Early, whose leadership and attention to detail were instrumental in securing the BOMA TOBY® Award. Their strategic vision has set the standard for excellence in medical building management.