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Material Thinking and Visual Translations

December 07, 2023

It is no mystery that the work of an architect is highly visual and sensory. The products of our work are inherently physical. Yet while the results of these efforts are the spaces we live within and around, our earliest products are mere representations of spaces that may be.

The ‘studio’ approach to design Synergy has embraced makes it possible for us to explore our work through cooperative physical and digital fabrication methods. Our practiced methods of design allow us to efficiently create flexible representations that provide a platform for both immediate modification by members of our team and direct feedback from our clients.  

We have brought forward modes of timeless architectural design exploration such as massing models, sketches, and physical material palettes to our daily process and updated them to allow for the flexibility we seek when working with our clients and construction partners. These early methods of thinking through materials and testing the practical relationships of spaces are then translated into immersive visual renderings that allow for a more holistic understanding of the atmosphere we are pursuing. Qualities of light, material, proximity, and scale can all be more concretely understood through three-dimensional renderings. We can then produce a series of static material-clad renderings, 360-degree panoramic views, and digital walk-throughs to provide us with experiences of the spaces before they are even built.

Along with using these renderings to provide ourselves and our clients with an understanding of a space, we also use them to provide confirmation to contractors of their understanding of our drawn details. These 3D panoramic views provide a way for contractors to see the finished product they aim to construct, meaning fewer questions in the field and a more unified vision for what the built goals are.

To facilitate seamless accessibility, our views are shared through user-friendly web links or scannable QR codes.

For ease of use, no specialized software is necessary, enabling easy distribution via email. For our contractors, QR codes are effortlessly integrated into job sites and embedded within construction documents, ensuring constant accessibility for our valued partners.

Visit our YouTube Channel for Video Walk-throughs: