Company News

5 Years and Running

April 15, 2024

In the spring of 2019, our squad set up a small dynamic studio to remain focused on what mattered to us most: people and the space they inhabit. With nearly a century of combined experience, and over a decade of prior collaboration together we embarked upon a new journey to continue our exploration of the built environment through every means and method available, and when they weren’t, we developed them.  

Brought together by Pat Giordana, one of the region’s foremost ambulatory surgery center and medical building architects, our studio is dedicated to progress, process, and our patrons. As the patron of the master artisan would grant painting is not the artisan’s profession, but rather simply who they are, we simply are architects and designers. It is a lifelong endeavor we have decided to follow, sparked by something different for each of us and has now become the way we explore our world together.

Unlike the artisan though, our patrons aren’t just clients, they’re collaborators. When we started our studio in 2019, we dedicated ourselves to working closely with the groups we serve to ensure our ability to deliver the day-one functionality and feel the desire for their structures and spaces. At the same time, we made a declaration to ourselves that we would always deliver practical, future-flexible, and aesthetically timeless buildings and atmospheres.

After 10 buildings, 29 tenant spaces, and more than 600,000 sf designed and constructed, we want to thank our real estate, construction, engineering partners, and patrons for all that we have accomplished together in just five years. We are again galvanized to continue providing some of the most progressive and innovative medical and institutional spaces in the nation and look forward to meeting you for the first time, or continue working together soon.