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Minnetonka Medical Center

Project Overview

After spending the better part of a year working with a different brokerage firm, North Memorial agreed to give Davis a green light to try and secure a site for an ambulatory center.  North Memorial felt it has exhausted all avenues in the target market (a well-developed, mature market with excellent demographics).

Davis focused not on what was available, but on what was the bullseye location.  Meeting size requirements required the assemblage of seven parcels (three commercial and four residential). The City agreed to work with Davis on a rezoning and change to the comprehensive plan, but expressed skepticism that Davis could get the owners to sell (only one of the parcels was on the market) and get the project approved over neighborhood objections.  To secure purchase agreements, Davis began knocking on doors.

Davis used the same persistence in working with the neighborhood.  The initial reaction was sobering.  Nearly 100 individuals showed up at the first meeting.  The neighborhood was extremely well-organized and aggressive in its opposition, complete with yard signs, ads, and a webpage. 

Davis committed in its opening statement to work in concert with the neighborhood to create a development that would be an asset to the community.  After countless meetings and discussions, the neighborhood group endorsed the development and presented it for approval at the City meeting.

Services Provided
  • Landlord Representation
  • Development
  • Property Management
Minnetonka Medical Center
15450 State Hwy 7, Minnetonka, MN 55345

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