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How Medical Buildings Can Help You Have A Nice Day.

December 07, 2021

“Have a nice day” is an iconic American expression used to conclude a conversation by hoping the person to whom it is addressed experiences a nice day.  If you do some research about the history of the phrase, you’ll see that some people think it’s a phrase used out of obligation and as such it is viewed as impersonal.  Conversely, others say it’s a soothing, kind, and a cordial goodbye.

For me, if I say have a nice day to you, it will always come from a sincere and authentic place, a place from which I truly do wish for you to have a nice day.  I’m telling you this because as you’ll see in the picture for this article that I’m standing in front of a gigantic 48ft billboard that reads “Have a Nice Davis”, and the billboard is directly in front of our new 78,000 sq. ft. class A medical building called Xchange medical in St. Louis Park.

Have a Nice Davis was inspired by the “Have a nice day” phrase, and while this is an obvious play on words, there is a much deeper story behind it which I’m very proud of…one that connects our Davis team’s dedication to our purpose, the people that visit our medical buildings, and the communities in which we work and live.

The #haveanicedavis story

The “Have a Nice Davis” billboard is situated on eastbound I-394 as you drive into Minneapolis passing St. Louis Park.

We originally thought the billboard would contain a regular advertisement promoting the opening of Xchange.  However, as the billboard design conversations progressed, we realized that a standard billboard was not aligned to our motto of the ‘Davis Difference’.  So, in true fashion, we decided to do something different, something more engaging with our community and something that represents our core purpose of making our tenants’ and building visitors’ day better. 

It may seem strange for a medical building development firm to say that we want to help people have a nice day, however, for us it is true and this purpose lives through our entire team and all stages of Davis development projects. Xchange is no exception.

It all starts with choosing a location that will have the greatest impact on enhancing the health of individuals, families, and communities. Then our talented architects at Synergy Architectural Studio put themselves in the shoes of our visitors and tenants as they create their architectural drawings and design every inch of the building using not only the highest quality materials, but materials that contribute to a sustainable future for our community.

Once built, then comes the interiors.  We invest huge amounts of time and energy into the interiors because our goal is to generate a feeling of homelike comfort for every visitor.  This can only be achieved by giving every single item inside the building the attention it deserves and ensuring that in some way it contributes to our goal. This means taking the time to understand the soothing sensation you’ll feel as you run your hand on the furnishings; the uplifting impact of the color tonality that compliments the hand-picked art from local artists; the way the use of the latest technologies can add ease and comfort. All these and more together harmonize and provides a delightful experience for patients, staff, care providers, and family members.

This dedication to quality and continuous focus on creating delightful client visitor experiences is the reason that high quality healthcare providers choose to make our buildings home for their practices.  We are extremely proud that Xchange medical has full occupancy with “Ear Nose & Throat Specialty Care (ENTSC)”, “Surgical Speciality Center of Minnesota”, “OVO Lasik + Lens”, and “Retina Consultants of Minnesota.

#haveanicedavis to you all

I believe Have a Nice Davis is a perfect message for the billboard because as you walk into Xchange (or any Davis medical building across the U.S.) we want you to feel like the building is whispering the entire Davis team’s message to you…and that is a heartfelt “Have a Nice Davis”.    

Even if you’re not in Minneapolis to see this billboard, I sincerely hope you #haveanicedavis, and if you would like to pass the sentiment on, I invite you to share this article using #haveanicedavis too.


Jill Rasmussen, Principal at Davis